Monday, March 15, 2010

Hot new market opportunity!

That got your attention, eh?

The hot new opportunity is this: medical tourism. Undoubtedly on the rise (especially in a handful of key countries), and undoubtedly creating a new and different profile of traveler, with special hospitality needs.

In this thorough and very convincing article, Renée-Marie Stephano, President of the US-based Medical Tourism Association, offers a detailed look at the trends and opportunities as they are currently developing.

A heart valve replacement costs about $170,000 in the USA, but only $13,500 in Singapore. Surely disparities like this are going to create a huge demand for less expensive treatment in faraway places (maybe even encouraged by the insurance companies and/or governments who are footing the bill). If this kind of travel becomes widespread, a big opportunity emerges for hotels to provide an environment for convalescence, but also a place where the patients' families can be looked after.

A fascinating article!

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