Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lifestyle hotels: not just a buzzword

In this article, John Russell of NYLO Hotels says:

Travelers are tired of cookie-cutter hotels.
They want something that’s beautifully designed and unique
with all the comforts of home. Lifestyle hotels put the fun back
in travel, and they do it at nightly rates that greatly appeal to
today’s cost-conscious travelers. I see continued growth for the
segment with a lot of exciting new designs and rich lifestyle
amenities that make luxury affordable. Lifestyle hotels will
become the next generation hotel of choice.

What do you think? The article's author, Fran Kiradjian, founder of the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association, stands 100% by this claim and offers lots of evidence, including the launch of three boutique brands this year alone.


  1. The Association believes strongly that both boutique & lifestyle type properties are the customers choice now and in the future. Big brands believe the same or they would not be investing so heavily in new sub-brands that are trying to compete with real, true, independent small brands and stand-alone properties in this very special hospitality niche. I think you meant to quote John Russell of NYLO who most certainly stands by the BLLA and the 3 brands recently launched.

  2. Its new trend that tourists are now in search of well designed and beautiful hotels. They are looking for well designed rooms and many more.


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